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the whole trip revised

so im getting home from the virgin islands either july 16th or 17th...not sure.

ashley will be here july 19th-26th.

we'll be going to montreal 22nd-24th

2 nights in the hotel, Days Inn, Longueuil Montreal South Shore (www.orbitz.com)- $175

gas - $90

plane ticket - $250

hotel - $60
gas - $30
ticket - $75
food? - $50?
alcohol - ??? lol
total = $215+

hotel - $60
gas - $30
ticket - $75
food - $50
alcohol - $20?
total = $235+- ??

The total me and emily each HAVE to pay is $165

hotel - $60
gas - $30
ticket - $100

The total for ashley is $190

to split it up for credit cards im thinking since ashley's the one flying she should put the ticket on her card, and me and emily can pay her. And thenn...as long as emily is ok with it, we could use her card for the rooms and we could pay her. I'll do the rooms if she doesn't want to, but I have a credit card, so they're actually going to bill me, so I think it would be better if we just paid it off when we got the rooms? I'd rather not have a credit card bill haha. but if you dont wanna use ur credit card for it, let me know. I would put one room on my credit card but that would be like, having to reserve the room separately and causing us to possibly have to switch rooms for the second night, that would just be a waste of time and pointless.

so yeah...any problems?

oh yes, and gas, I'll just pay for that as we go, and then u guys can pay me or something...esp since my parents may just give me a full tank for our way up there, cuz they're cool like that.

wow for a sec. I thought I lost this entire entry cuz when I went to update it, it said read only mode...STUPID!
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