Jackie (kchameleonlove) wrote in da_3_sum,

hey you guuyyyys....

sooooo.... I'm looking to a summer camp job...it means ill be away from home for 2 months...starting June 17th...which means we're gonna have to change the roadtrip date....if I get this job, I definitely want to keep it because it's going to be so good for me in many more ways than one. lol

anyways...I just wanted to tell u guys...

what about like...the second week in june? maybe from June 3rd to the 10th???

I really wouldn't take the job if I didn't think it would be good...they're paying me $2600 for 2 months, and full room and board and I get one 24 hour day off a week AND it's christian...I really think it would be good for me to do it. It would give me experience which many professional jobs look highly upon..etc.

anyways...tell me what u think

hopefully i have enough money for everything...I've got a bunch of money I'm not using for anything right now...im just gonna save it...I don't think I have anything to pay for...soooooo it should be good...
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